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Of All The People In Salzburg

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Of All The People In All The World - Salzburg

We have just returned from spending ten days at the Sommerszene2018 Festival in Salzburg where we performed Of All The People In All The World in the beautiful setting of the Kollegienkirche.

Around 7,000 people saw the show during our time there, people from all over the world. Below are some observations on some members of the audience, collected over one hour on the final afternoon (16th June 2018) …

People looking down at piles of amber rice.
People looking up at white Baroque domes.
A boy with a pirate T-shirt and a girl with a top that says Love.
A couple with rucksacks, a guitar and a neatly rolled tent.
A woman with a crutch, a couple holding hands.
Three women with heart shaped biscuit necklaces with the initials S and F spelled out in icing.
A pregnant woman with her hand on her back.
A man with shoes but no socks.

The Commentators at Birmingham Weekender

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

If you can’t be at Birmingham Weekender today you can listen live to The Commentators as they cover all the action from the Birmingham markets. They will bring you detailed coverage of the buying and selling of everything from carrots to dairy based products to mobile phone covers and be there to witness whatever other incidents a market Saturday might throw up.

Keep it here … The Commentators at Birmingham Weekender

Manchester Adventure

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


Here we have three artists processing the results of A City Adventure as conducted by Arts Council England’s Children and Young People officers. Nina working away at sound recordings, Jake working away at photographs and Ben working away at poetry.

It all worked out in the end. The most relieved person around Stan’s Cafe right now? Craig whose headache it was to coordinate this complicated orienteering challenge in someone else’s city: Mission Accomplished.


Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

The privilege of being in a van on a long drive with your mates is one of the fantastic fringe benefits of being in a touring theatre company. I love the conversation, the music playing, the sense of adventure, the tense map reading and the landscape scrolling by. (more…)


Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Our first day here with the show open has been great with lots of interested visitors and positive comments. We are here for three months but intend to keep the show moving and dynamic throughout. Whilst using many statistics that we include in other versions of the show we are also here responding to themes addressed in productions running during the RSC season and to the times in which Shakespeare lived. This has thrown up interesting combinations, including a run of statistics looking at the growth of the slave trade from the Elizabethan era, via Francis Drake through to Martin Luther King speaking in Washington.


The Cardinals

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

The Cardinals

We’ve just added a new page to the site which will tell you a little more about the above which is currently in rehearsal.

Thanks to Graeme Braidwood for the photography.

The Cardinals is a Domaine d’O commission.

Love List On BBC Radio 3

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Love List, one of the pieces from our CD Pieces For The Radio: Volume One was broadcast on Radio 3’s Late Junction last week by Verity Sharp. She last played it in 2006 so thanks to her for digging it out again and giving it an airing. We used it in a rehearsal for Radio Z last week and we also put on a Godspeed You! Black Emperor track who Verity also played on the same night – there must be something going on there mustn’t there …?


PS .. you can buy the CD in our shop – button on the right there


Festive Thoughts

Monday, December 7th, 2009

With The Just Price Of Flowers completed thoughts now begin to turn to Christmas and whilst reading The Metro newspaper on the bus this morning, I was reminded that although we have yet to stage a pantomime, we do have a number of festive wares in our back catalogue.

There was an article in said paper this morning about a cul de sac of six houses in Burnham On Sea, Somerset which together sport 90,000 fairy lights and raise a significant amount for charity. In 2004 in collaboration with The Public in West Bromwich we created a website called Hohoho to celebrate such domestic festive illuminations. The website contained images and reviews of decorated homes throughout Birmingham, Sandwell and The Black Country.
It also featured a number of walking and driving tours to help people find the best displays in a particular area, together with background stories and photographic tips. The site was updated by The Public in 2005 and though now dormant, it can still be viewed HERE. Although clearly alive and bright in Burnham On Sea there don’t seem to have been as many extravagant displays in my neck of the woods over the last couple of years: a combination of the credit crunch, rising energy prices and climate change concern perhaps.

The Metro also had pictures of a number of Santa Claus fun runs which are seemingly growing in popularity around the world. Large gatherings of Santa Clauses are statistics we like to occasionally include in Of All The People In All The World. The
annual Liverpool Santa Dash which happened yesterday, claims to have the largest gathering of Santas in the U.K with a TBC figure of 7,000.

Click on the box on the right to read more about the first Stan’s Cafe touring show, itself a festive treat.


News for a New Show

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Recently we’ve been preparing to make a number of new shows. The first of these is going to have a very quick turn around. The title should be confirmed later on today and publicity shots were taken yesterday and we’re still trying to confirm the casting.

As research for the show I have been reading the gripping and somewhat horrifying book House of Cards, which chronicles the collapse of Bear Sterns. It’s a chunky read but a page turner, which I finished yesterday.

This morning comes a news story that ties up one of the lose threads from the story. Two of the major figures running the two hedge funds whose failure helped trigger the firm’s demise were acquitted following charges of fraud. The argument was that they were talking up the funds whilst knowing they were precipitous decline. Email correspondence formed a key part of the prosecution’s case and was deemed not substantive enough to eliminate doubt as to criminal intent.

How will all this transform into a new Stan’s Cafe show. I don’t yet know, we’ll all have to wait until early December to see.


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