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Wriggler Simulacra

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


We are close to completing a deal which will see Home of the Wriggler follow much of the Longbridge Car Plant to China. Here however the idea is not to put the heavy metal into containers but to export just the intellectual property. The budget should just work provided we can pack the show into our baggage allowance and get the bulky stuff sourced locally. To this end we have conducted industrial espionage on ourselves. During a break in rehearsals, I ran around photographing key components of the show’s machines to include in a manual for whoever is given the task of being the Chinese Mark Anderson and Helen Ingham.

Back To Wriggler

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Such are the complications of our Spring Diary that, having taken Tuning Out With Radio Z to the edge of production, we now push it to one side and re-tour Home of the Wriggler. Today was the first of three days rehearsals. Bernadette is back, having been unavailable for last year’s revival. She has done a remarkable job of re-learning the piece and accommodating amendments made to the show since she last did it in 2006.

It has been quite a challenge getting a definitive version of the script together. Amanda is the most punctilious at transcribing changes, but she failed to take her script to Edinburgh, so her changes had to be cross-referenced with mine. Then reading through and again in the first run through it became clear that there are also a host of improvisational additions that have becomes fixed as script but have never written up as such.

Despite all the is we are getting there.

Ellroy is Back

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

It’s been a long time coming but James Ellroy is back with a new novel, Blood’s A Rover. This event doesn’t cause the excitement in the Caff camp that it once may have. Back in the day when Amanda introduced his work to us I imagine it was like Heroine being introduced to Miles Davies’ band, none of us managed to do any work until we’d exhausted the supply of L.A. Noire.

It may sound nuts but the writing in Home of the Wriggler was influenced by Ellroy’s increasingly boiled down style. Given how epigramic his last novel was I he has continued the boiling down process this one will consist entirely of acronyms.

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