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Medieval Cousins

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015


Attentive readers of this blog may remember an entry about being in Toronto to catch up with The Cardinals on their North American Tour. I mentioned the excellent Dr. Matt Sergi and his inspirational pre-show talk about The Chester Cycle of passion plays Etc. Anyway, I couldn’t shake this talk out of my head so we’ve commissioned Matt to write something along the same lines for this website. He finished it about six weeks ago but I’ve only just found a moment to upload it. It’s fascinating I really hope you can find time to read it and pass on the link. Even if you’ve not seen The Cardinals I think it is gripping stuff.

The Mystery

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015


So on Friday night I saw The Cardinals for what may prove to be the last time. I’m back at Heathrow now, don’t do the Australian leg of the tour and there are currently no performances booked beyond that.

Obviously I would love the show to continue on for many more years, but if does have to end here then so be it, I would be content that the piece had a decent run and grew to be a strong work of art. Our experience in Toronto has confirmed this for me. (more…)

Cardinals Revisited

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


It was great to catch up with The Cardinals in Columbus Ohio. The show was at the Wexner Arts Center, which is on the Ohio State University Campus. The theatre is a vast place, so big that for shows like ours, the curtains are closed and a seating bank is built on the stage. It was intriguing to see the shifts the show has made in my absence and through multiple performances. (more…)

War or Peace?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

NYC-getinAh it’s starting to feel like the olden days. The days when we made shows that sharply divided audiences (mostly for us) from critics (mostly against). (more…)

All Is Safely Gathered In

Friday, January 9th, 2015


It is here. The set has arrived at The Public Theatre. It is stored Stage Right in The Martinson (one of The Public’s five spaces) waiting for rehearsals on Sunday.

Currently set up in The Martinson is the big, double height set for Mariano Pensotti’s Cineastas, which I was enjoying very much before I fell asleep. This sounds like an indictment of the show but was my fault. In mitigation, it was warm, dark, 1am in UK time, the third show of the day, fairly demanding to follow and required reading Spanish surtitles. Jetlag got me I’m afraid. I was enjoying it. I think it was good. I may try and see it again tonight. (more…)

Public Opening

Thursday, January 8th, 2015


So the team is gathering in New York City. Last night was the opening of Under The Radar, a big party in the foyer of The Public Theatre. In one corner was a screen for people to be photographed in front of, a rope held back the press photographers, four of them, each stood on a sheet of A4 paper with their agency’s name on it. Weirdly Gerard and I weren’t called to pose, so to correct this error when the professionals had gone we stepped in.

Just when we were reflecting on how being abroad means you don’t really know anyone at these events we started to see people we knew, some from England and some we met in New York last time around.

Osaka Express

Monday, January 5th, 2015


There has been rather unreasonable nerdy excitement in the Stan’s Cafe office as we learn that the container ship Osaka Express has just moored in New Jersey on the Hudson River. In theory one of the many many containers on board is the one containing all the set, props and costumes required to perform The Cardinals.

Real time tracking shows a green diamond between two large piers which is the Osaka Express.

It now has to be unloaded, go through customs and I should be able to there to help unload it off the back of a truck on Thursday outside The Public Theatre, 425 Lafayette St, NYC.


Visa Time Again

Thursday, November 27th, 2014


Yesterday was another triumph for Charlotte in our office. Craig, Rochi and I were at the US Embassy yesterday getting our work visas for The Cardinals tour. Inevitably the process is bureaucratic and each time we go through the process it more requires information to be submitted. When all the information is gathered and the case has been made that there is no one in the US who can do the job we are going there to do then precisely the correct photographs have to be taken and presented in digital and physical form. You need to make an appointment with the embassy and present yourself at the designated time Entertainers, for that is what we claim we are, have an early slot, 8am. (more…)

Calliope Tsoupaki

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Yesterday we experienced the gratifying wonders of the modern world. First thing in the morning we received an email from the Adelaide Festival relaying a message that the Australian Performing Rights Association had got clearance for all the music used in The Cardinals except Hymnos by Calliope Tsoupaki from St. Luke’s Passion. Permission for this hadn’t been refused, it just hadn’t been got. They suggested trying to contact the composer directly.

A search quickly found her website, I sent her an explanatory email and by two in the afternoon my mobile was ringing. We had a very pleasant chat, she said ‘yes why not!’ and within another hour it is all sorted out: wonderful.

Cardinals Tour Dates

Thursday, November 13th, 2014


We have had to wait before announcing all the touring dates for The Cardinals in the New Year because all the different festivals and venues announce their seasons at different times, but at last it can all be made public. (more…)

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