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Thank You

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014


Thank you for everyone who listened in to Tuning Out To Radio Z last night and to our volunteer sleepers Roger and Andrea as well as Ester, who helped us make the show originally and was at the conference so stepped in to help me deal with incoming text messages.

Our installation Of All The Creatures Across The Globe remains at Warwick University as part of the IFTR conference until Friday afternoon – please ignore the conference literature that says you have to book time slots, this turns out not to be the case.

The original Of All The People In All The World continues at St. Martin’s Parish Centre in Worcester until Friday at 5pm.

Tune In

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Listen to Tuning Out With Radio Z 19:45 – 21:45 here. You can also communicate with the show by logging into its website.

Stanscafe is on Mixlr

Radio Z Returns

Monday, July 28th, 2014


On Friday things weren’t going so well with our efforts to revive Tuning Out With Radio Z, we’d forgotten quite how complicated it all is – despite being an improvised show. (more…)


Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

I try not to mention funding on this blog because there is little so dull as artists banging on about funding. Stan’s Cafe are privileged to be valued enough by society for society to invest in us enriching its culture. This delights us. So this said please indulge me a couple of paragraphs about funding because UK Sport has just announced its elite funding program looking forward to the Rio Olympics. (more…)

Dear Departed

Friday, April 15th, 2011


On 5th April we decided the theme of last night’s Tuning Out With Radio Z would be Earth. On 6th April Walter Suett died. Walter was my mother-in-law’s partner and also a major source for Home of the Wriggler. His funeral was set for 14th April, so we had to become ingenious. Liam d’Authreau agreed to step in to do the video job I normally do. Peter Fletcher did the SMS-News Room translation from his house, whilst I listened on-line from my house doing The Producer role with Liam keeping me aware of what was going on ‘off mic’.

I’d stayed up late the previous night up writing Walter’s eulogy – which felt odd having already written about his life through the show. Listening to the show was quite intense, inevitably burial came into play and scenes flashed back from the graveyard just hours before. I thought an edited list of death notices may be useful for Craig & Bernadette on stage so it visited Birmingham Evening Mail’s website for source material and pretty much freaked out on discovering that Constance Brown had died.

The Cleansing of Constance Brown isn’t named after anyone, I made the name up, but because the title character is an ‘everywoman’ figure I feel that the show could easily be named after anyone and everyone who has ever been called Constance Brown. At the very least I feel an extra pang of empathy for anyone with that name.

In the words of Zog Rainbow (who appeared in that night’s performance) everything had started to get “really heavy”.

Radio Z Going Live Again

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Tonight, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday Tuning Out With Radio Z is live again. Please listen in via Rhubarb Radio the show starts at 19:00 and as it is improvised we are all quite scared. You can help us write the show whilst it is performed via the Radio Z website. Wish us luck.

Tune Back In To Radio Z

Saturday, March 12th, 2011


Listen up, there are five more chances to tune out with Radio Z in the next few weeks. If you are near Oxford, Birmingham or Dartington please come along (see diary dates), wherever else you are in the world you can listen in and help us write the show live, online or via SMS. For the two Birmingham gigs we are again seeking volunteers to sleep through the show (on stage of course). If you’re up for it then please email us , previous sleepers have talked about it as one of the more bizarre – in a good way – experiences of their lives.

Radio Z in Leeds

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


On Friday we had the honour of Tuning Out With Radio Z being the first ever public performance at the new Leeds Met Studio.

Tuning Out With Radio Z: Upgrades

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Photos by Graeme Braidwood (thanks Graeme)

So, Tuning Out With Radio Z performances numbers 4 – 8 have been completed and we have learnt an enormous amount in this short time. The running time is confirmed as 3 hours, it is a length people can consider sitting through without a break and many do, the show seems to work better this way. There are only four sleepers – the spare bed is useful. A new button is on the show News page which allows contributors to adopt a range of pseudonyms and encourages writing as characters. More emphasis is placed on communicating with the audience via the screen, so at the start of the show they are told what theme has been decided upon and they can write material to match the theme.

These changes have come about in a range of ways. The running length was requested by ArtsDepot and we decided we liked it. We were one sleeper down in ArtsDepot and made good use of the spare bed. We didn’t like the SMS messages appearing on the News Page under the log-in name of the person typing them up and Jon spotted the AKA opportunity. We had a rough show on Thursday night and that, combined with a sense that the show should be influenced more by the audience and that they should be more aware of the extent that it already was following their suggestions, led to the change of emphasis in screen use.

There are two weeks now before the show re-emerges in Bristol. At some point we are going to have to decide on themes for this next batch of shows. Themes used so far have been: Lost, Flood and Shooting (Birmingham); Escape and Cure (London); Revolution, Electricity and Fall.

Radio Z? Take Your Pick

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Radio Z Disco

There’s not been much time for blogging with Tuning Out With Radio Z back on the road. We’re still thinking quite intensively about the show and processing whatever feedback has come our way. Amongst published feedback are three online reviews all written about exactly the same performance.

There is this one: which we like.

This one: which we don’t.

And this one: which again we do and is written by someone who makes our own Theatre Pledge look very weedy!

We are learning about and reshaping our approach to the show with each performance. Each review consolidates our existing ambition to make audience contributions play a more central role in the show’s production whilst also reminding the very slickness with which contributions are woven into the show often means they are missed by all but those who submitted them.

Thursday night at Warwick we will try out our revised strategies in front of what looks as if it could be a Sell Out crowd (Friday and Saturday are less busy so do buy tickets). If you can’t buy tickets then remember you can tune in on-line. The tone should be quite different to the recent London shows so regular listeners beware.

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