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Calling The Library

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


The Commentators are slightly overwhelmed to announce that they have been booked to provide exclusive live commentary on the opening of the majestic new Library of Birmingham. They will webcast behind the scenes insights from the exclusive VIP plaque unveiling through the full first three days of public access ensuring a global audience is kept right up to date with the very latest action in the world’s most modern library. “Extraordinary!”

Robin Hood Grand Prix

Friday, May 6th, 2011


Today was the climax of our maths related work in Robin Hood Primary School. They ran their Scalextric Grand Prix. 23 races in total, each 5 minutes long with a team of 6 drivers per race. They marshaled, adjudicated and commentated on the racing. Other classes visited to watch. The noise was unbelievably loud for the entire day – screaming like you’ve never heard, excitement levels through the roof, exhausting.

Photo Credit: Ming De Nasty

Scalextric is Back – In Miniature

Monday, March 15th, 2010


Last week Chris and I spent an enjoyable week @ A E Harris building human scale board games with pupils and staff of the Virtual College. Triple Trouble was a game for two teams of three played across three rooms, with quiz questions, chance and skill all tested. Heaven and Hell was a beefed up version of Ludo. Both great fun to play and spectate.

Intermittently over the last few week’s Craig has been visiting Paganel School in Birmingham has they prepare to run a big Scalextric race with customised cars. More intensive, and thus quicker on the draw, has been Jack .working with Whitehall School in Leicester. They have been practicing commentary and sports journalism, including a trip to see Leicester whip Nottingham Forest 3 – 0. Now they are set for their race tomorrow. The track has been laid and is looking very impressive as you can see. We wish them luck.

Back to School

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Cross-Country trains ran smoothly yesterday whisking me to and from Leicester where I met a fantastically enthusiastic bunch of Year 6 pupils at Whitehall Primary School.

The plan is for them to become commentators and journalists covering football matches, school events and ultimately a scalextric race meeting they host in the school hall. We will agree the details with them nearer the time.

I am pleased to report this is a further example of how the apparently aimless fooling around we do can transform itself into something useful.


The Commentators: Sports Personality.

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

With the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year almost upon us Stan’s Cafe are delighted to have secured an interview with Barry and Barry, The Commentators, on the subject. Here is a transcript of our conversation.

SC – Thank you for sparing us the time and agreeing to share your thoughts with us on the forthcoming Sports Personality of the Year contest.
B – It’s a pleasure, punditry is not normally our thing, but we’ll give it a shot.
B – Just like the commentary, we’ll say it as we see it.
SC – Great, who’s first?
B – Tom Daley.
B – not to be mistaken for Daley Thompson.
B – An all together different athlete.
B – Indeed.
B – His chances? Like is physique
B – Muscular?
B – Slight.
B – That’s harsh Barry
B – His time will come.
SC – Much as Phillips Idowu’s has.
B – Yes, so nearly the nearly man now he merely is The Man.
B – He’s a fine athlete Barry but do the British Public vote for Purple hair?
B – It would take quite a leap Barry.
SC – Has Ryan Giggs done enough?
B – The housewives favourite? I think not.
SC –David Haye?
B – It’s difficult to argue with him.
B – He’s a big lad with a big belt.
B – Indeed and that big Russian chap felt the power of it
B – And lost it.
B – Belting!
B – It was a great result for The Haymaker, but without us commentating live from ringside the event didn’t quite have the glitz and glamour a world heavyweight title bout should, don’t you think Barry.
B – That could be what loses it for him Barry.
SC – How about Beth Tweddle.
B – Yes, we fancy her.
B – We’d love to see her win it, succeeding in a sport in which Britain has always disappointed, it’s an amazing achievement.
B – She’s one of my personal favourites.
SC – But has gymnastics got the pulling power?
B – It has with me!
B – Only time will tell.
B – Indeed.
SC – Mark Cavendish?
B – Can Cavendish follow Hoy?
B – Most cyclists do.
B – What he achieved on The Tour De France this year was a Tour De Force, truly remarkable and unprecedented for a Brit.
B – Not only that but it was astonishing as well.
B – Utterly.
B – who have we missed out?
SC – Andrew Strauss.
B&B – He’s good.
SC – Andrew Murray.
B&B – He’s good.
SC – Jessica Ennis
B&B – She’s good as well.
B – What does she do?
B – Everything.
SC – She’s a heptathlete.
B – Not to be mistaken for Daley Thompson.
B – Shouldn’t you say an heptathlete?
SC – We’re going to have to push you for a prediction. Who will win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009?
B – Jensen Button.
B – None of them.
B – Barry that’s quite controversial, surely there has to be a winner.
B – There will, it will be Sebastian Coe.
B – But he’s not even in the running, Barry.
B – I know he’s off the pace now but that’s the way he likes to manage his races, he won us the Olympics and has a tremendous kick finish.
SC – We will watch with interest.
B&B – Indeed.

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