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September 9th, 2010

Years of packing vans for touring became mere training for yesterday’s great challenge, packing Apollo Steps (the vinyl cutter etc) and It’s Your Film INSIDE The Black Maze. Highly developed spatial reasoning and a modicum of brute strength did the trick in the end, so that lot is ready for Graeme to drive down to Montpellier once he gets back from Tokyo.


Meanwhile Jon, in his ever evolving quest to perfect sound arrangements for Of All The People In All The World, has delivered a beautiful box of tricks and chips too complicated to explain, which, in one bespoke silver unit delivers atmospherics, music, real-time time chimes and a ‘tannoy’. I’m taking it to Tokyo in my hand luggage and will post a photograph of its exterior in situ.

Jon was up to see The Modified Toy Orchestra. Last night’s gig was fantastic, beautifully structured, performed and played. It looked great, the sound was good – if a little genteel volume-wise and the music stunning. I’m never sure what the driving ambition of the MTO is, but if it is popular global acclaim then surely they have the package here to deliver that for them. I saw lots of familiar faces in the crowd, what did you think?

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