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Coincidence / Miracle

March 23rd, 2011

Do coincidences and miracles co-exist on a spectrum? If so where on the spectrum does this sit…

We’re struggling to find out what’s going on with Rhubarb Radio, our webstreaming isn’t working and we need it for tomorrow. A call goes out via social media for help. The excellent Chris Unitt calls up offering assistance. Whilst talking to Chris our bell goes, it’s the guy sent by Flatpack Festival to pick up Women & Theatre‘s furniture for their festival hub. I wave him in and keep talking to Chris. The call ends I apologise for being rude “I’m trying to fix a problem”. He’s overheard me, obviously, “You were talking about servers and streaming, I work with Rhubarb Radio as a technician, what’s your problem?”!

Fifteen minutes later and our Instreamer box is reset for Rhubarb Radio’s new server and works perfectly. Thank you social media types. Thank you Laws of Chance / Lord of Chance – all is wonderful again.


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