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September 12th, 2012

On Saturday I take a rare trip to Bristol’s Arnolfini to contribute to Remake a symposium (part of the Performing Documents series), about the restaging of old performances. I have been asked to talk about our re-staging of The Carrier Frequency, a piece of physical theatre made in 1984 by Impact Theatre Cooperative. Time passes amazingly fast, ironically re-enactment itself feels like ancient history, in fact there were 15 years between the original production and our recreation, 13 years between our recreation and now.

The organisers are scrabbling around for a VHS player on which to show the recording we based on our recreation on. I’m scrabbling around for the lead that connects my laptop to other people’s video projectors (the German term ‘Beamer’ is much better than ‘video projector’, maybe I’ll use that from now on).

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