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Make a micro-production with us

August 10th, 2021

We are delighted to have been awarded a Project Grant by Arts Council England to fund a number of training and development opportunities for West Midlands artists in autumn 2021.

Over 30 years we have learned that the best training for making art is to make art. Therefore in autumn 2021 we are creating three “micro-productions”, which take performers and assistant directors through a full, genuine making process in a condensed form. The production team for each production will be different, and will consist of an experienced Stan’s Cafe Associate Artist working alongside our Artistic Director James Yarker, with performers and assistant directors who are keen to start or extend their devising practice as part of this training and development opportunity.

We are looking for:

6 x Theatre Performers who do not have professional devising experience but have a strong interest in extending their professional practice into this area.

6 x Theatre Performers who have 2 – 5 years of devising experience (at any point in their career) who believe it would be useful for their professional development to work with Stan’s Cafe in this context

3 x Assistant Directors who feel their devising practice would benefit from working on one of these projects as an Assistant Director alongside Stan’s Cafe’s Artistic Director.


Performers: £515 + holiday pay
Assistant Directors: £1,030 + holiday pay (includes a preparation week)

Dates: Performances and rehearsals are in November 2021.

For more information and how to apply, please download the project outline here.

Deadline for applications: 10am on Tuesday 31st August

5 Responses to “Make a micro-production with us”

  1. Jessica Sherry says:

    I would love to apply for this. I am a trained actor looking for new experiences in theatre.
    I have a background in theatre in education.
    I would love to hear from you and would love to be involved in this.

  2. Jaq Walker says:


    I’m a theatre-maker and actor living in Liverpool. I’ve devised two theatre plays in an academic environment. One of the plays is my own called ‘AT EASE!’. It is a digital-live hybrid that is also a solo performance conduct by myself in an immersive theatre setting. I would love to work as either performer or assistant director due to the fact that I am actor, but I’m also building my own theatre company. So this is a real opportunity to learn from others from a director’s standpoint. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

    Kind Regards,

    Jaq Walker

  3. Coral says:

    Interested in the Assistant director role

  4. Naveed Iqbal says:


    I am very much interested in the Theatre Perfoming role. Currently, my occupation is as a part time Art Teacher in Birmingham but I have had some experience performing as an actor on stage and have a Scottish National Diploma in acting from my days living in Glasgow. Would it be possible to get more information about the above position and how to apply?


  5. admin says:

    Hi All

    Thank you for your interest – there is a link in the post above where you can get more information and details about how to apply

    Thank you!

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