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The Gift Sessions (2016 – 2017)

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Gift Session 7
20th March 2017 (7.30pm – 10pm at AE Harris)

The Great Art Giveaway

4th – 9th April 2017, Theater Freiburg, Germany

Last year we were in Freiburg with our installation “Of All The People In All The World”, transforming human population statistics into piles of rice. This year we will return to give our art away. The rice used last year has been stored in the homes of the kind citizens of Freiburg. We will recover this rice and the stories of its storage, rebuild elements of last year’s installation and update it according to the changes in world events since then. Ultimately, we will try to give the art away. One and a half tons of rice must go to visitors of the exhibition, for them to display (or eat) at home. It is ›The Great Art Giveaway

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