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Administrator and Executive Producer Wanted

November 4th, 2014


So it’s ‘big announcement time’. Stan’s Cafe is embarking on a radical bit of restructuring. We have decided that, in order to do all the things we want and need to do at the scale we want and need to do them, we need to increase the company’s backroom capacity. Charlotte our General Manager has been doing an amazing job for the last ten years and as that job has grown we have tried to chop bits of it off to give out to other people but the time has come to finally admit it isn’t one job but two.

As a result we are looking for an Executive Producer who will act as joint CEO alongside the Artistic Director. They will be majoring on all the high level company development work – getting commissions, gigs, audiences Etc. They will also line manage an Administrator who will be at the heart of the company running all those systems that making sure everything runs like clockwork.

There are full details of both jobs on a new temporary web page The turnaround is tight and we are obviously very keen to get two amazing people to help power us along, so please do circulate this information to all your networks.

We’ll say a bit more about Charlotte and her contribution nearer to her leaving date but suffice to say here and now, she will always be a Stan’s Cafe legend (in a good way).

Access to Work

November 1st, 2014

I’ve met Jenny Sealey a few times. She’s a powerhouse; funny, clever, passionate and a great artist. She is Artistic Director of Graeae Theatre Company and co-Directed the Paralympics opening ceremony for London 2012. In order to share her great vision she relies upon British Sign Language translation and this is made possible through an Access to Work grant. Continue reading “Access to Work” »

Help Cardinals Pack

October 28th, 2014


The Cardinals are off on a big tour in the New Year. Their first stop off is in New York City in early January. This means putting the set, props and costumes in a shipping container in December. They don’t have much time to rehearse once Stateside and so they are re-rehearsing now and on THURSDAY they are putting on a special limbering up performance for the company’s nearest and dearest (like the good readers of this blog). So if you fancy coming along and seeing the show again or for the first time you are very welcome and you are also welcome to bring anyone else you think may like it. Tickets are just £5. The bar will be open. We have a new heater for @ A E Harris, so it should be fun and almost snug and we’d love to see you. Continue reading “Help Cardinals Pack” »

Something to See and Hear.

October 22nd, 2014

TOTFG Patrick 3 from Stans Cafe on Vimeo.

Nina West is a superstar it’s an outrage that so few people know this to be true. The sonic worlds she has created drive Ocean of Storms (1996) – which we then nicked a 250 second section of for It’s Your Film (1998), Be Proud of Me (2003) and The Cleansing of Constance Brown (2007) (which blew everyone into next week).

Most recently she delivered 255 minutes of inspired menace angst and wonder to power Twilightofthefreakingods to its bloody flame licked conclusion. Now she is working on the soundtrack to the film that has arisen from that show. The film premieres on Saturday and typically of Nina I received a text from her yesterday essentially saying “I’m very excited, I’ve made big revisions to the soundtrack, when I saw it at our recent screening I thought 1/3 of it was a disaster so I’ve relocated much of the music, added new elements and put in some reprises to hopefully make it perfectly balanced”. I’d thought it was amazing as it was, heaven knows how good it will be now.

Nine years ago Nina wrote an essay about her work for this website. It’s probably time we got her to write some more.

Malala Laurette

October 11th, 2014


I’m really pleased to learn that Malala Yousafzai has become a Nobel Laurette. She is an extraordinary person. The thing I find easy to forget is that she was extraordinary before she was shot by the Taliban. She was shot because she was extraordinary and her response to the shooting merely confirmed how extraordinary she is. By shooting Malala the Taliban have empowered her. Continue reading “Malala Laurette” »

Sneeze Film

October 9th, 2014

Friend of Stan and former board member Peter Fletcher has finally had a film made of his most famous artistic undertaking. It’s a great project and a beautiful film. Watch and marvel.

Twilightofthefreakingods: Film

October 4th, 2014

TOTFG Patrick 1 from Stans Cafe on Vimeo.

21 days from the extraordinary film version of Twilightofthefreakingods. We are proud to be screening this as part of RingSide, promoted by Birmingham Hippodrome at The Patrick Centre. RingSide is a program of art around the Mariinski Theatre‘s staging of Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Birmingham, at the Hippodrome 5 – 9 November. Twilightofthefreakingods, shot and edited by Reel Access with music by Nina West is on 25th & 26th October.


September 17th, 2014


The jury is out. We’re sleeping on it. A good idea may have been had and an inscrutable problem may have been solved, but we have been here too many times before to be fully confident. Continue reading “Inspiration?” »

Leeds and Hull

September 17th, 2014


In my younger, more paranoid days, I was loath to talk about more than the very next Stan’s Cafe project for fear somehow the idea would be ‘stolen’. Then I started to realize that the more people you share your ideas with the greater the chance you have of finding someone who wants to join you playing with them. Continue reading “Leeds and Hull” »

The Voyage: Studio Recording

September 9th, 2014

Exciting news recorder fans, Michael Wolters groupies, mini-opera lovers and Stan types. Michael’s vast double CD of recorder music Kathryn and Peter Play The Recorder has been released on the niftily named Birmingham Record Company label. Track 1, CD 1 is ‘our very own’ The Voyage.
Continue reading “The Voyage: Studio Recording” »

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