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Home Of The Wriggler Tonight!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

There’s a chance to catch Home Of The Wriggler tonight @AE Harris our performance space in Birmingham, before the show goes out on tour over the next few weeks. The show starts tonight at 7.30pm – for booking details visit the Diary page. Hope to see you there.


Pledge Review 2

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Hamfisted! perform the Farmer and the Mermaid @ A E Harris. Inside a beautifully designed potato (brown geodesic dome), the audience of 15 sit on (not very) cushioned beer crates around the internal circumference and three performers squeeze between us.

They tell a fable, in simple story-teller fashion, of a love affair between a farmer, who farms a small island and a mermaid. There are gentle songs and minor bits of acting out. The potato’s door acts as an exit and allows large props to be brought in and removed. Throughout the design, is simple, playful and pleasing. The performances are sound. The script throws in enough discord to prevent the piece being too sweet. It is all gently enjoyable – Hamfisted! fulfilling their stated intention of “putting smiles on people’s faces”.

Suitable for kids, except mine, who refuses to even consider attending any theatre she’s not in – and even that she prefers not to stray from the front room. She has yet to sign the Theatre Pledge.


Virtual Made Actual

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The City Adventure day passed off smoothly yesterday. We are working with Birmingham’s Virtual College a great team of teachers and pupils who operate outside the confines of a school building. In a fortnight we will spend a week with them @ A E Harris devising to human size board games. The games may well be open for the public to play on 12th March. We will keep you posted.


The Just Price Of Flowers: Opening

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

A World Premiere hypes the occasion a bit too much, but certainly the new show has now been seen by real live people. I wasn’t optimistic many people would show, it being a cold Thursday in December, but our mini-seating bank was full with added rows on the floor.

The show has been made fast, written in about five days with six days rehearsal but it seems to stand up to scrutiny fairly well. We shall see.

I was pleased with the performances, the team were under considerable pressure and rose to the occasion. Some of the lines are still a little hazy and so wandered a bit as the performances expanded to meet the audience, but the energy was great. It’s a shame we only have three performances penciled in as I would love to see the show when it has been well worn in.

Bite Size ‘Results’

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Last week @ A E Harris hosted China Plate‘s Bite Size event. Depending on your perspective it was a ‘scratch night’, pitching even, talent show, Dragons Den or beauty contest. A host of companies presented ten minutes of theatre and, aided by audience responses, Neil Darleson from Warwick Arts Centre and Amanda Roberts from MAC, selected two pieces to be commissioned as full productions.

The decision was not taken on the night but we have just heard that the two ‘winners’ were: Untied Artists with Al Bowly’s Croon Manifesto, and Caroline Horton with You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy.

It was a fun night. Well done to those two teams. We look forward to seeing those shows completed soon. It sounds as if there is plenty of life in the ‘losers’ too. There are rumours of good news for Jane Packman and The Other Way Works show their work in progress piece at the Camden People’s Theatre tomorrow night. So good luck to everyone.

Plugging up 24 Hour Scalextric

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
A rough layout of the Stan's Cafe 24 Hour Scalextric track.

A rough layout of the Stan's Cafe 24 Hour Scalextric track.

Today Craig and I started getting serious in our quest to get our Scalextric circuit plugged up and running for Saturday and the 24 Hour race. Our ambition is not to warm up to our 24 hour commentary stint with a 24 hour scalextric troubleshooting session. There are 439 pieces waiting to be joined. Progress is fast, we’re rejecting duff sections, edging around with volt-meters. With minor fiddling a steading 16v is being maintained, the problems only really seem to start when trying get a car to run around, still, we’ll get there.

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