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British Dance Edition: @ A E Harris

Friday, February 5th, 2010

It was great to see the crowds back @ A E Harris today for the British Dance Edition.

Dudendance showed their solo piece Spaceman (for links see the entry before last), which was beautiful, spacious, slow, resonant and very powerful. The male performer slowly morphs through a series of physicalities ghostly, robotic, astronaut, Gorilla, body builder leaving plenty of time and space for us to make our own connections with the piece. I was particularly please because they had adapted the piece so it made strong but understated used of the architecture in the venue’s ‘Europe’ zone and the lighting designer created a beautiful play between the spaces own natural daylight and his own subtle additions.

As I left to run errands a large crowed was jostling for position to see The Clod Ensembles show. The venue has scrubbed up pretty well and is welcoming the Dance Crowd, happy days.


British Dance Edition: In-day 1

Monday, February 1st, 2010

It was an exciting day down @ A E Harris today as things swung into action for the British Dance Edition showcase events at the space.

The Clod Ensemble have transformed the central space with enhanced black out, black carpet and black fabric around the walls. A platoon of flight cases look like they’ll take no prisoners on the lighting and sound front. Within wooden flight-cases must be the set for Under Glass.

Up the slope from them Dudendance are mostly using our kit for their production Spaceman.

It’s been great having so many people around grafting away. Craig and I have been edging forward preparations for Final Steps a modest edition of the Steps Series. The tricky thing is going to be working out when we can open it to the public as the British Dance Edition mixes trade-fare with public performances.

New Toy

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Today we took delivery of another piece of tasty kit, WARNING: only the Sparks amongst you need read on.

Thus far @ A E Harris we’ve only rigged the minimal lighting which can run off a 6 channel dimmer and a 13amp socket. Now, with the British Dance Edition looming, we’ve finally bitten the bullet and asked Mike The Electrician to install a 63amp three phase socket on the wall. The new toy is a distribution box. It is a dumpy rubber cube. It sits on the floor. One face carries the socket into which the three phase comes in. A second face carries three 63amp single phase sockets. A third carries one 32amp and four 16amp single phase sockets. The fourth face houses an array of RCD trip switches. Finally there’s a handle on top for carrying it around.

The thing was made for us bespoke, rapidly and with great good humour by the Rubber Box Company of Burnley, who Arvo recommended and who now we in turn recommend for all your distribution needs.

The only bad news is that getting all this sorted out has cost us most of the hire fee we’re receiving for the BDE week. One day maybe we will stop having to ‘invest in the space’ and a hire fee will actually hit our bank account.

Extra Luxury

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Some of you may have thought this impossible, but for our revered patrons luxury has been cranked up a further notch @ A E Harris. Further cast-off sofas have arrived. I recommend coming to try them out at the British Dance Edition in a couple of weeks time.

Changeover Day @ AE Harris

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


It’s been a busy day down @AE Harris. The get in has begun for The First Bite Festival which is on Thursday night at 7.30. Whilst that is happening, all around them Kindle are dismantling and removing their enormous ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ set and loading it into various vans, lorries and skips.

We also have exciting news about other upcoming outside events @AE Harris including shows from The Clod Ensemble and Dudendance as part of the British Dance Edition 2010 in February. News of other events including something from us coming soon.

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