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The Optimists: An Opportunity

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

China Plate, whose First Bite event we hosted @ A E Harris recently, have just launched a new initiative. Called The Optimists, it is a scheme to help theatre makers who are in the early stages of their career*. It looks like good fun. For good or ill no such thing existed when we were stumbling around in 1991 and look at the mayhem that ensued.

If you feel you could be an Optimist or may know one you can download an explanation and application form here.

* We use the term career here as a quotation. Official Stan’s Cafe policy in relation to artists referring to their “careers” is in line with Mark E Smith‘s harsh reckoning.

Bite Size ‘Results’

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Last week @ A E Harris hosted China Plate‘s Bite Size event. Depending on your perspective it was a ‘scratch night’, pitching even, talent show, Dragons Den or beauty contest. A host of companies presented ten minutes of theatre and, aided by audience responses, Neil Darleson from Warwick Arts Centre and Amanda Roberts from MAC, selected two pieces to be commissioned as full productions.

The decision was not taken on the night but we have just heard that the two ‘winners’ were: Untied Artists with Al Bowly’s Croon Manifesto, and Caroline Horton with You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy.

It was a fun night. Well done to those two teams. We look forward to seeing those shows completed soon. It sounds as if there is plenty of life in the ‘losers’ too. There are rumours of good news for Jane Packman and The Other Way Works show their work in progress piece at the Camden People’s Theatre tomorrow night. So good luck to everyone.

Changeover Day @ AE Harris

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


It’s been a busy day down @AE Harris. The get in has begun for The First Bite Festival which is on Thursday night at 7.30. Whilst that is happening, all around them Kindle are dismantling and removing their enormous ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ set and loading it into various vans, lorries and skips.

We also have exciting news about other upcoming outside events @AE Harris including shows from The Clod Ensemble and Dudendance as part of the British Dance Edition 2010 in February. News of other events including something from us coming soon.

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