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The Just Price Of Flowers Review

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Here’s a link to Terry Grimley’s online review of The Just Price Of Flowers in The Birmingham Post.

Where From Here?

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The third and final performance of The Just Price Of Flowers was the best so far and the audience the largest. Though slow to get going this performance really picked up and thunderous applause and discussions after the show suggests it was much appreciated.

The question now is what happens to the show. It was made fast with no thought to onward exploitation, but it feels a waste to leave it there.


Box-Office Novice

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I wasn’t born to run a box-office and hadn’t prepared myself for the task. The simple and obvious thing to do would have been to print out as many programs as there are seats in the theatre, give one to each person who arrives, when you’ve run out of programs you’ve run out of seats, did I do that? No.

Instead, I attempted to mark on a sheet of paper a tally of people arriving, tick off people picking up tickets from our (largely successful) on-line ticket sales. People came in bursts, I ended up chatting. People paid in advance for people who arrived later. Rapidly I lost a grip on the numbers and as a result, people ended up grabbing chairs from the bar and squeezing themselves in at the side of the packed main seating bank.

It was great to see so people turning up in the chilly night to see the Just Price of Flowers. Same again tomorrow please.


The Just Price Of Flowers: Opening

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

A World Premiere hypes the occasion a bit too much, but certainly the new show has now been seen by real live people. I wasn’t optimistic many people would show, it being a cold Thursday in December, but our mini-seating bank was full with added rows on the floor.

The show has been made fast, written in about five days with six days rehearsal but it seems to stand up to scrutiny fairly well. We shall see.

I was pleased with the performances, the team were under considerable pressure and rose to the occasion. Some of the lines are still a little hazy and so wandered a bit as the performances expanded to meet the audience, but the energy was great. It’s a shame we only have three performances penciled in as I would love to see the show when it has been well worn in.

Just Price of Flowers: Day 3

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Only eight scenes had been written when we last rehearsed and today we were up to twenty, so there was much new material to process. Aside from a few glitches with characters’ names being transposed and a few tweaks to phrasing it’s all working well. People’s performances are coming on rapidly as they grow more familiar with both the script and style of the piece.

The elusive Scene 9 has just been finished so, with Craig’s two song lyrics in place, the script is complete. Tomorrow we gather costumes and those bits of props at aren’t origami (which is Brian’s providence) and try to crank up the promotional push.

We aren’t printing any fliers for this show so the marketing effort is heavily reliant on the web and email. Please do circulate information about the show otherwise no one will come. Thank you.


Litigation Terror.

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage

Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage

For a brief but terrifying time late on Friday Stan’s Cafe was exposed to potential litigation from disgruntled audience members and the Bertolt Brecht estate as a question mark went A.W.O.L.. Fortunately Craig leapt to the rescue and hopefully it is now clear that The Just Price of Flowers is a bit like a Brecht play, not a recently discovered previously unperformed script by the master.

One of our literary correspondents has brought to our attention the Brecht / Eisler song Supply and Demand in which a merchant sings about Rice as a material for financial speculation. There is obvious potential here for a double bill alongside Of All The People In All The World. As it happens we’re not using the song and if we were we’d like to stress our interpretation would differ from Robyn Archer’s. We’d also like to stress that our ‘explanation’ of contemporary financial derivative’s trading will be nothing like this.

Just Price of Tulips: Day 2

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Day 2 rehearsing The Just Price of Tulips

Day 2 rehearsing The Just Price of Tulips

More of the same. Working on the new show. Some readers/viewers may find the set vaguely familiar along with some of the costumes. This is an ‘austerity’ production we are recycling things. Fortunately the ideas are new (except those we’ve nicked off Herr Brecht).

Thanks to Graeme Braidwood for the photo.


The Just Price of Flowers: Day 1

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Tuesday was the first of five days rehearsing for The Just Price of Flowers, the new Stan’s Cafe show It will be peformed @ A E Harris in Birmigham on 3rd, 4th and 5th December.

It’s an Austerity production, meaning we’re doing it on the cheap and selling tickets cheap (£5) on line and on the door. We talked through inspiration and motivation for the show. Parts were allocated. We read through the first third of the script (all I have written so far). We build the set and read through the script again whilst standing on stage.

Over night I finished scene 8 and wrote a draft of scene 10 (scene 9 is proving a bit tricky).

Whilst the set was being build Craig worked in our secret underground bunker loading Adobe Illustrator onto his work laptop along with the driver for our Miamaki vinyl cutter and cut out the replacement and reserve vinyl ordered by Beaumont Leys for Space Steps prior to its public opening on Saturday.

News for a New Show

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Recently we’ve been preparing to make a number of new shows. The first of these is going to have a very quick turn around. The title should be confirmed later on today and publicity shots were taken yesterday and we’re still trying to confirm the casting.

As research for the show I have been reading the gripping and somewhat horrifying book House of Cards, which chronicles the collapse of Bear Sterns. It’s a chunky read but a page turner, which I finished yesterday.

This morning comes a news story that ties up one of the lose threads from the story. Two of the major figures running the two hedge funds whose failure helped trigger the firm’s demise were acquitted following charges of fraud. The argument was that they were talking up the funds whilst knowing they were precipitous decline. Email correspondence formed a key part of the prosecution’s case and was deemed not substantive enough to eliminate doubt as to criminal intent.

How will all this transform into a new Stan’s Cafe show. I don’t yet know, we’ll all have to wait until early December to see.


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