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Recommendation & Sneeze Count

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Some of you may recall a longer, more melancholic version of this from a dim and distant Pilot Night (15). We think it’s very nice, but when Peter isn’t counting his sneezes or doing other stuff he is on our Board of Directors so you’d better judge for yourselves if it’s very nice or not:

On the Counting of Sneezes – by Peter Fletcher from chichard41 on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I am very much looking forward to seeing Forkbeard Fantasy‘s new show at MAC. If it’s not funny, inventive, original and worth £12 I’ll eat my bike (purchased tax efficiently using Cyclescheme (this is not an advert (but it is worth thinking about))).

Sleeping With Stan’s Cafe

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

tuningout mixing

It is rare in the company’s history that we have had a surfit of young women willing to sleep with us. This is probably because in the past we have relied on conventional tactics (having a shower and memorizing some jokes). In fact it turns out advertising on ‘Arts Jobs’ is a far more efficient modus operandi.

The new show requires sleeping figures on stage and whilst the response has been terrific it hasn’t included the demographic spread we were after; so if you are a man of any age of a woman over 35 and fancy playing a key, if recumbent role in Tuning Out With Radio Z then please do get in touch: admin@stanscafe.co.uk

Birmingham European BE Festival

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This summer @ A E Harris is to host the BE Festival.

Fifteen companies from across Europe will come together with local audiences for an exchange of live performances, workshops, discussions, celebratory partying and Etc. Each company will present a 30 minute long performance competing for a £1500 prize and the opportunity to present a full length version of the piece at MAC in 2011.

“How does my company get in on this?” you may be asking. The answer is simple. Visit the BE website, download an application form and get on with it. Good Luck. For everyone else, put the dates in your diary and make sure you are around @ A E Harris for a bit of European flavour.

New MAC: 1

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We had cause to go to the newly rebuilt MAC for a couple of marketing meetings last week. The place is looking quite spectacular and, for those who knew the old building, quite disorientating.

To start with you cross a footbridge that never existed before and enter behind the area that used to be the box office. Initially the building is single storey then opens out to double height. The new cafe/bar area is on a single level extended backed by a massive wall of windows. The theatre is exciting, having been gutted back to the bare walls, it now has a flat floor and retractable seating bank.

mac Jan10 1

On the roof above what used to be the dance studio there’s a very attractive small performance space.

mac Jan10 5

The administration, which used to be hidden throughout the building in small offices is now housed in a single open-plan room, which should lead to a more cohesive organisation (the staff also have their own mini-dining area for the first time).

What was the old out door courtyard has been landscaped, there’s a new central staircase and a lift. Most spectacular is a large double height gallery space on the first floor, which appears to have been created by the architect opening up some fourth dimension, but is actually the old marketing office plus some other bits of space with the roof raised.

If this all gets you excited, here is an opportunity to work in the new building.

Artist Opportunity: mac-lab
Monday 5th April until Saturday 10th April 2010

mac invites applications from artists in all disciplines to apply for an intensive lab based residency at our new facilities in Birmingham. We want to hear from artists that are interested in working outside of their normal practice or ‘safe’ area. Open to any form of practice – we want applications from musicians, film-makers, visual artists, performers, live artists, photographers, digital media practitioners and anyone working across media.

There will be eight places available to artists resident or working in the West Midlands region and two places for artists located in other UK regions. Successful applicants will have a supported opportunity to make new work within mac’s new studios. They will have access to digital media equipment, space and first rate artist facilitators, providing a challenging and supportive environment.

Details of how to apply can be found here. The closing date for proposals is 5pm on Monday 15 February 2010.

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