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Of All The People … in Bern (3)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


These are our statistics about space travel as seen in the theatre lights of the show in Bern.

After a quiet start on Friday and Saturday it was great to see over a hundred people visit the show on Sunday. Having the framework of being part of India Forum and in Switzerland has provided an interesting focus and led to some surprising statistical finds. For example, the same number of people were born in Switzerland last year as are born in India each day and both countries have the same number of daily McDonalds customers.

I returned to England yesterday using almost every available form of transport – bus, train, plane, coach and car. The show is now in the very capable hands of Jake and Jack.


Of All The People … in Bern (2)

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

The show opened here on Thursday evening to an enthusiastic response. The venue was built in 1897 as a riding school but is now a cultural centre, with restaurant, cinema, theatre etc and a centre for radical politics. We are in the big hall which provides a very atmospheric setting for the show. It’s also very cold (so cold that the printer won’t work on our table) so we are having to duck in and out of our nice warm research and printing room on a relay basis. The cold shouldn’t put off visitors though who are able to get nice hot cups of specially prepared chai tea.



Festive Thoughts

Monday, December 7th, 2009

With The Just Price Of Flowers completed thoughts now begin to turn to Christmas and whilst reading The Metro newspaper on the bus this morning, I was reminded that although we have yet to stage a pantomime, we do have a number of festive wares in our back catalogue.

There was an article in said paper this morning about a cul de sac of six houses in Burnham On Sea, Somerset which together sport 90,000 fairy lights and raise a significant amount for charity. In 2004 in collaboration with The Public in West Bromwich we created a website called Hohoho to celebrate such domestic festive illuminations. The website contained images and reviews of decorated homes throughout Birmingham, Sandwell and The Black Country.
It also featured a number of walking and driving tours to help people find the best displays in a particular area, together with background stories and photographic tips. The site was updated by The Public in 2005 and though now dormant, it can still be viewed HERE. Although clearly alive and bright in Burnham On Sea there don’t seem to have been as many extravagant displays in my neck of the woods over the last couple of years: a combination of the credit crunch, rising energy prices and climate change concern perhaps.

The Metro also had pictures of a number of Santa Claus fun runs which are seemingly growing in popularity around the world. Large gatherings of Santa Clauses are statistics we like to occasionally include in Of All The People In All The World. The
annual Liverpool Santa Dash which happened yesterday, claims to have the largest gathering of Santas in the U.K with a TBC figure of 7,000.

Click on the box on the right to read more about the first Stan’s Cafe touring show, itself a festive treat.


Litigation Terror.

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage

Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage

For a brief but terrifying time late on Friday Stan’s Cafe was exposed to potential litigation from disgruntled audience members and the Bertolt Brecht estate as a question mark went A.W.O.L.. Fortunately Craig leapt to the rescue and hopefully it is now clear that The Just Price of Flowers is a bit like a Brecht play, not a recently discovered previously unperformed script by the master.

One of our literary correspondents has brought to our attention the Brecht / Eisler song Supply and Demand in which a merchant sings about Rice as a material for financial speculation. There is obvious potential here for a double bill alongside Of All The People In All The World. As it happens we’re not using the song and if we were we’d like to stress our interpretation would differ from Robyn Archer’s. We’d also like to stress that our ‘explanation’ of contemporary financial derivative’s trading will be nothing like this.

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