The Amazing Adventures Of You

Welcome reader.

What you are about to experience is a 'choose your own adventure' story created by Abdullah, Myra, Maryam, Zeenat, Nathan, Susie, Holly, Mustafa and Syed who at the time of writing (2017) were all in Year 6 at Billesley Primary School. They worked with Stan's Cafe over a number of Friday afternoons to write this special adventure story, full of twists and turns and unexpected events. You, the reader, are the central character in this adventure and you can choose where you want to go and what you want to experience. Not only did the students write the stories they also learned how to code so that thw whole adventure works for you on the screen right in front of your eyes.

We would like to thank Mr Tyler for helping us with this project and the other Year 6 teachers for letting these storytellers out of their usual Friday afternoon lessons.

We hope you enjoy your adventure, just keep reading and clicking, if your story ends you can always start another which should take you somewhere completely different. There is also the option to gather everything you have read together, you can copy this and print it out as your own unique version of The Amazing Adventures of You.

Kerry Murdock and Craig Stephens - For Stan's Cafe

Written by Year 6 Storymakers of Billesley Primary School with Stan’s Cafe © 2017