education work by Stan's Cafe

Stan's Cafe work in a variety of educational contexts from running short film making courses to making large scale theatre productions with university students. The company run workshops to accompany shows and James lectures at a variety of institutions and conferences. We create bespoke training days and workshops for students, teachers and other arts professionals.

At the beginning of 2005 we were commissioned by Creative Partnerships to work as lead partner with five schools in the Frankley area of Birmingham to create and co-ordinate an extensive program of artistic activity over the next three years.

Links to some of our education projects can be found below and transcripts of lectures and workshops can be found in the Helpful Things section of the site.

Smartie Mission (2009)

Acts Of Faith (2008)

A Delicate Balance (2006)

Circus Parade (2006)

Fruit And Veg City (2006)

School Rulers (2004)

Plague Nation (2004)

Dream Life Saga (2003)

District Twelve (2002)

Adult Child Dead Child (1999)

Make Like You Believe (1999)

The Hearing Of Susan Tuesday (1999)

Twelve Grand In Used Fivers (1998)

Nightshifting (1998)

No Walls Just Doors (1997)

When In The Future (1992)

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