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Here you can find a host of helpful items, including assorted essays, talks and lectures, information and practical advice:


Stan People

Directions to @ A E Harris


Saying It Like You Mean It At The R.S.C..

Education Architecture and Design

Schools and Experimental Theatre

Stan's Cafe and Site Specific Performance

Of All The People In All The World: Rostock and The G8

On Tour With Of All The People In All The World

On the Influence of Dartington College

Why You Should Work With Children And Animals

Factory Work

Greek Labyrinth Road Movie

Making Of All The People In All The World

And So It Happened

A Year With It's Your Film

Composing for Theatre

Set In Our Ways

A Short Essay for the Vienna Festival

Experimental Theatre In The 1990s.

Stan's Cafe Touring: The Early Years.

Performing Lurid and Insane.

Ho Ho Ho: Electronic Folk Art.

Touring With Good and True.

Stan's Cafe and Arts Fest

Stan's Cafe and the Edinburgh Festival

MAC - an Arts Centre.

Talks and Lectures

Stan's Cafe and the Creative Industries

Stan's Cafe and Politics

Artistic and Business Principles

Stan's Cafe - A Theatre Company

A Short History

First Steps

Audiences As Collaborators


The Future Of Performance (One)

The Future Of Performance (Two)

Why Be A Professional Artist?

Technology And Perception

International Touring

Stan's Cafe and Education

Stan's Cafe and Science.

Writing Text For Performance.


Jan Pearson - Actor

Neil Rami - Markeing Birmingham

Home of the Wriggler - Beijing

Home of the Wriggler - Time Out Beijing


Exercises for Teachers

Exercises for Teachers: Arrow Vale School

Are You Having Enough Fun?

Devising Workshops (November 2001)

Devising Workshops (October 2002)

Other Things

Griff's Story

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