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Why you should work with children and animals

On 8th November we hosted an Open Space 'un-conference' at mac birmingham. Approximately 50 people attended over the event's three hour span and we were fortunate to be led in our collaborative working by the excellent Nick Sweeting of Improbable

True to the process of Open Space the agenda was set entirely by delegates who were also responsible for ensuring notes were taken for discussions they initiated. We agreed to collate these notes, so here they are. We have just posted exactly what people have written, the debate can rage on from here. Happy reading.

How will we know when we're thriving?
session called by Andrew Fletcher.

How to retain skills within the region
session called by Laura Killeen.

The future of East Meets West
session called by Gareth Nicholls.

Contemporary theatre festival for Birmingham? Yes? How? NOTES 1
Contemporary theatre festival for Birmingham? Yes? How? NOTES 2

session called by Katie Day.

Post-emerging/min-career: How to proceed?
session called by Tina Hofman.

How can we help new writing / new writers thrive here and now?
session called by Karen Elizabeth Miller.

How do we, in the West Midlands, respond to the Statement released by Vicky Featherstone and the Royal Court concerning recent allegations of Sexual Harrassment in the Theatre Sector?
session called by Graeme Rose.

Low Audience Numbers: Why and how to proceed.
Report yet to be submitted.

A barter system for skills and resources.
Report yet to be submitted.

Diversity: How can we freelancers create conditions for collaborations with new and diverse artists?
session called by Orit Azaz.

Low Audience Numbers: Why and how to proceed?
Session called by Tina Hofman

Safe or dangerous? Prudish or perverse?
session called by Augustus Stephens.

Story corner: Tell tales of when you/your art thrived.
Report yet to be submitted.

With child poverty "set to soar" even further, how can we make sure every child growing up in this city has access to great theatre that speaks to them?
Report yet to be submitted.

Proving the value of FUN.
Report yet to be submitted.

Developing careers in producing / arts admin in the region/
Report yet to be submitted.

How can we better share our audiences and encourage their curiosity?
Report yet to be submitted.

Nick acted as Advisory Producer for Stan's Cafe from 2003-2013 and now assists the company as a key friend and advisor. His first contact with the company was in the mid '90s doing consultation work for the Arts Council, intermittent contact developed into a committed ongoing relationship. Nick helped the company greatly though a significant period of evolution and remains a key soundboard for future projects and strategic planning. He is a founder member of and Producer for Improbable and an experienced facilitator of Open Space Technology.

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