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Stan's Cafe is a group of artists from a variety of disciplines, though primarily theatre practitioners, working under the artistic direction of James Yarker. The company consists of a core of long term collaborators and a range of associated artists. The line up changes according to the project being worked upon.

Sarah Archdeacon (deviser / performer)
Studied performance at Dartington College of Arts. She joined Stan's Cafe in 1994. She is director of Corali Dance company, for whom she has recently created In Full Colour, in collaboration with The Tate Gallery and the durational performance In 24 Hours. She has been a member of Earthworks Site Specific Collective and has also worked with Ewan Forster and Chris Heighes in Preliminary Hearing (Lift '97), Nick Sandiland Performance Co. and Reckless Sleepers.
Stan Work: Bingo, Voodoo City, Simple Maths, It's Your Film, So Bring Me Down, Some Questions, Good and True, Lurid and Insane, Space Station, Dreamlife Saga, Framed, Broadway Hertz, Of All The People In All The World

Simon Ford (graphic designer)
One of the gang of Lancaster University graduates on which Stan's Cafe is based, Simon and James have been collaborating since 1988, when Simon did both stage and graphic design. Simon now lives in Leicester and works as a freelance designer.
Stan Work: A good guide is Simon has done everything that looks any good.

Amanda Hadingue (deviser / performer)
Gained a first class theatre degree at Lancaster University in 1988. Amanda has been a key member of Stan's Cafe since 1993. She has worked as a performer and deviser with many of Britain's most respected experimental theatre companies including: IOU Theatre, The People Show, Station House Opera, Scarlet Theatre, Pete Brooks's Insomniac Productions, Gary Stephens, Graeme Miller and David Gale.
Stan Work: Canute, Bingo, Voodoo City, Simple Maths, It's Your Film, So Bring Me Down, Blank Retina, Some Questions, Good and True, Lurid and Insane, Space Station, Framed, Of All The People In All The World, Be Proud Of Me

Craig Stephens (deviser, performer, technical manager)
Graduate from Warwick University and gained an M.A. at Lancaster University before working with Amanda for Insomniac Productions and Graeme in Plane Performance and The Resurrectionists. He has written for Radio Four and Talking Birds.
Stan Work: Simple Maths, Nightshifting (director), Marginal Notes, It's Your Film, Susan Tuesday (director), The Carrier Frequency (technician), Some Questions, Good and True, The Black Maze, Lurid and Insane, Broadway Hertz, Dreamlife Saga, Framed, Be Proud Of Me, Of All The People In All The World. Craig is Webmaster.

Jon Ward (Composer)
Has worked on a wide range of sound tracks, musical compositions and radio programmes. His interest in manipulating music, voices and ambient sounds started with jumble sale tape machines and is currently pursued using computers, samplers and esoteric electronic devices.
Stan Work: Voodoo City (engineer), Bingo (Engineer), Simple Maths (composer) & the radio series.

James Yarker (director / writer)
Gained a first class theatre degree at Lancaster University. He co-founded Stan's Cafe in 1991 and has directed all the company's productions since then. As a result of this work he has been invited to guest lecture and devise work with students on numerous degree courses including those at Lancaster, Warwick, Manchester Metropolitan and De Montfort Universities. James is currently a reader for, and writer on attachment to, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Paul Arvidson (lighting designer)
Before forming his own company, P.A.Lights, Paul toured with companies to France, Israel and the United States. He is still based in Lancaster where he studied theatre at the university. As well as lighting design and installation Paul lectures in lighting.
Stan Work: Bingo, Voodoo City, Ocean of Storms, The Carrier Frequency, Good and True, Lurid and Insane, Be Proud Of Me, Framed

Heather Burton (deviser / performer)
Heather studied at Warwick University. Worked as a freelance performer with Third Angel, Plane Performance and Talking Birds. She has also worked with Gary Stevens on the group project Pieces of People.
Stan Work: The Carrier Frequency, Lurid and Insane, Comfort Hour, It's your film ( touring), Framed, Of All The People In All The World, Be Proud of Me ( touring), Home of the Wriggler

Richard Chew (composer)
Birmingham born composer, pianist and singer. Richard was an integral element of Stan's Cafe in its formative years composing and recording a series of stunning soundtracks. Since then he has moved on to form The Ressurectionists with Graeme Rose and The Shout with Orlando Gough. Rick is a trained opera singer and is increasingly in demand for both his singing and compositional talents.
Stan Work: Perry, Memoirs, Canute, Bingo, Voodoo City & Still.

Brian Duffy (composer)
Birmingham based composer and writer.
Stan Work: No Walls, Just Doors, Adult Child / Dead Child, So Bring Me Down, Good and True. Brian is musical director for Lurid and Insane.

Ray Newe (deviser / performer)
Studied at Lancaster University and East 15. He has worked for The Duke's Theatre, Lancaster, has appeared in many short films, and Brookside. Ray now writes for Total Theatre Magazine.
Stan Work: Bingo, Voodoo City & Dead Body.

Jake Oldershaw (deviser / performer)
Studied at Dartington College of Arts. Worked as a freelance performer deviser for Wendy Houstoun, Kaos Theatre, Reckless Sleepers, BBC Radio. Jake’s own work ranges from one to one performance (Intimate History) to street intervention (The M5 Talent Squad) to photographic work (Midland Aquaphiliacs, Re-Inventing the Wheel) visit for more info.
Stan Work: Simple Maths, The Carrier Frequency, It's Your Film, Broadway Hertz, The Black Maze, Of All The People In All The World

Graeme Rose
Founded Stan's Cafe with James in 1991. The pair worked closely together until late 1995 when Graeme joined the company's board and formed a new company, the Resurrectionists, with Richard Chew. Following his resignation from the board Graeme has returned to the company to perform both in It's Your Film, The Carrier Frequency and Lurid and Insane. The Resurrectionists continue to make work. Graeme has performed for a range of companies including Bodies In Flight, Plane Performance, Red Shift and Talking Birds.
Stan Work: Everything prior to Ocean of Storms except Bingo and Still. The Carrier Frequency, It's Your Film (touring), The Black Maze (invigilation), Lurid and Insane, Framed

Nick Walker (deviser, performer)
A philosophy graduate from Warwick University and founder member of Talking Birds theatre company. He has directed for Talking Birds on both stage and screen as well as performing for the company. Stan's Cafe is one of a number of companies Nick has collaborated with. Nick has two novels available in all good bookshops - Blackbox and Helloland.
Stan Work: Simple Maths, Some Questions Tell Their Own Lies, It's Your Film (touring), Good and True.

Charlotte Martin (Administrator)
Charlotte joined Stan's Cafe in October 2004.

The Stan's Cafe Board:

Rob Elkington
Sid Ewart
Peter Fletcher
Gerv Havill
Andy Parsons
Sadie Plant


Mark Anderson : artist, musician (The Black Maze, Broadway Hertz) Constant helpful advice
Miguel Angel Bravo : designer (Simple Maths)
Paulette Brien: administrative Manager (1997- 2001)
Heather Burton : performer (The Carrier Frequency, Lurid and Insane and Be Proud Of Me)
Phil Coy : prop making (Ocean of Storms)
Emily Dawkes : administrator (2001 - 2003)
Cait Davis : performer (The Carrier Frequency)
Ed Dimsdale: photographer (Since 1998)
Jony Easterby : composer (So Bring Me Down)
Lucy Freeman : set design (Bingo In The House Of Babel)
Charlotte Goodwin : lighting operator and usher (It's Your Film touring); The Black Maze (invigilator)
Simon Gowan : lighting designer (Canute The King in Moseley Road Baths & Simple Maths)
Helen Kelly : prop design (Ocean of Storms)
Michael Kirchner : performer (The Carrier Frequency and It's Your Film touring)
Sarah Liney : performer (Perry Como's Christmas Cracker)
Jonny O'Hanlon : invigilator (The Black Maze)
Maya Kristina Paul : administrator (2004)
Joseph Potts : video editor (Framed)
Mark Reynolds : performer (Perry Como's Christmas Cracker)
Benny Semp : performer (It's Your Film), invigilator (The Black Maze and Of All The People)
Anupam Sinha : photographer
Neville Stephens : joinery (It's Your Film)
Nick Sweeting : advisory producer (since 2003)
Mark Taylor : photographer (pre 1998)
Charlotte Vincent : performer (The Carrier Frequency)
Jane Ward : administration (Canute The King and Simple Maths)
Andy Watson : performer (Lurid and Insane and It's Your Film)
Simon Webb : performer (Lurid and Insane)
Nina West : composer (Ocean of Storms and Be Proud Of Me) and performer (Lurid and Insane)
Mick Yates : administration (Ocean of Storms)

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