3 Minute Dance

Your challenge is:
To create a 3 minute long dance video, filmed in a single shot.

To succeed in this challenge you will have to:
• Come up with an idea for the video which will make being filmed in
one take a real strength and which will allow everyone to take part,
even if they're not great dancers.
• Choose your preferred music.
• Choose a location for your video.
• Plan and rehearse your dance sequence.
• Plan and rehearse your camera movements.
• Manage your time so you can have a number of attempts at
shooting your video in a single take.

To help you with this challenge you have:
• A choice of music.
• Some costumes to use and adapt (you don't have to use them).
• A film maker with video kit and a professional choreographer
who can both help you realise your vision.

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