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The young consultants and pupils involved in the project days reported many positive benefits and outcomes that included:
Class bonding amongst peers that did not normally happen.
Strong team work.
Pupils showing assertive attitudes, allowing each to discover their strengths and weaknesses within a team situation.
Everyone being given the opportunity to use their skills and make their ideas heard.
Creating, producing and delivering their own large scale creative project in the school "It was made of our ideas - we made it!"

Teachers reported incidents of quiet students, who normally lack the confidence to express their ideas, speaking up and coming to the fore in the challenges.

The school showed impressive organisation, vision and flexibility in staging Mission Just Possible, which became a major undertaking. Teacher engagement as team members quite disappointing, though there were a good number of honourable exceptions. On reflection staff needed a more thorough briefing, explaining in greater detail the days origins and objectives. Ideally there would have been more of the student's everyday teachers on the project and fewer staff.

The artists showed flexibility, they adapted to conditions and how different groups took on the challenges. The Young Consultants did an excellent job conceiving of the day, preparing it and supporting its delivery -
they displayed a strong ownership of the project and should take a great deal of credit for its success.