Iris Bertz is an experienced sculptor who works as a Creative Consultant to educational instutitions & foundations in the UK and internationally.

Chris Dugrenier is an actor and performance artist who produces her own work. She has worked for Stan’s Cafe for many years, both in schools and in the company’s Performance Installation Of All The People In All The World. She was also in the original production of The Just Price of Flowers.

Charlotte Goodwin is a writer. She has written for the stage and radio as well ask making her own audio art pieces for specific locations. She has taught creative writing in a range of contexts and has undertaken numerous education projects for Stan’s Cafe. She has also toured extensively with the company’s hit shows It’s Your Film and Of All The People In All The World.

Nina Jones is a film maker who has considerable experience working with Young People, particularly with Reelaccess a film education company based in Birmingham.

Rosie Kay is a dancer and chorographer whose company Rosie Kay Dance Co tours nationally in and internationally.

Johnny O’Hanlon is an artist and theatre maker. He has his own company Hamfisted! and has considerable experience working in Schools. He first worked for Stan’s Cafe when they commissioned Hamfisted! to create a radio station to run alongside their show Lurid and Insane in 2001.

Joseph Potts is a film-maker who, in addition to making his own films collaborates with other artists, production companies, and record labels. He is a member of the audio visual collective Modulate who perform in festivals across Europe. Joseph’s major collaboration with Stan’s Cafe came in the 2002 performance Framed.

Graeme Rose is a performer and theatre maker from Birmingham. He co-founded glory what glory(1987), Stan’s Cafe(1991) and The Resurrectionists(1996). He is also an Associate Artist with Bodies in Flight, Red Shift Theatre Company and Various People. He also works regularly with Talking Birds and directs for Kindle Theatre. Graeme has delivered creative projects to all age levels, including taught modules at the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol and Hull.

Craig Stephens is an actor and Associate Director of Stan’s Cafe. He worked as an actor for a number of companies before joining Stan’s Cafe. Since 1997 Craig has been at the heart of the companies artistic and education programs. In his spare time Craig writes scripts for theatre and radio shows a number of which have been performed on stage and Radio 4.

Amy Taylor is an actor and teacher. She recently graduated from Drama school and has performed for Stan’s Cafe in Home Of The Wriggler for it’s run in Beijing and The Cleansing of Constance Brown for recent runs in Birmingham and Potsdam.

Harry Trow is a set designer who recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University. He has worked with Stan’s Cafe making and sourcing props for The Cardinals and acting as stage manager for The Cleansing of Constance Brown

Jack Trow is an actor with who has worked with numerous companies including those specialising in Theatre in Education work. He has toured the world with Stan’s Cafe’s show Of All The People In All The World, performs regularly in The Cleansing of Constance Brown and performs in The Just Price of Flowers.

Chris Vann is a dancer who regularly works with the choreographer Rosie Kay.

James Yarker is the Artistic Director of Stan’s Cafe theatre company.


Roham Bhuhi
Zoe Hewing
Humayra Patel
Ashni Chotai
Imian Patel
Ridda Rasool
Arjun Sambi
Simran Ghera
Olivia Bramley
Aaron Kandola
Rachel Salkin
Lisa Davis
Rajiv Daxini
Shamil Gokani
Chloe Ireland


Andrew Fox was the Creative Agent who encouraged the Young Consultants to dream up the project and recruited Stan’s Cafe to help deliver it. He also negotiated with the senior staff in the school to help make it happen. Finally, he used his personal creative skills as a professional photographer to document the project – including most of the photographs you see on this site.

Lenzflare are the video production company who shot the documentary footage on this website.

Ian Wilson is an Assistant Head Teacher at Manor High School and was principally responsible for Mission Just Possible being possible in the school, ensuring rooms and staff were available and that a hundred other things were as they needed to be.

F22 Design are the design company who built this website.