In 2 hours time a group of international VIPs will be landing at the airport on the other side of Ghost Town. They will be flying directly over the school field. Your class has been given the job of flying a flag from the school field to welcome them. Unfortunately nobody knows what country they are visiting from...

Your big challenge is:
To solve a series of puzzles and overcome a set of obstacles in order to fly the correct national flag to greet the international visitors in just 2 hours.

To succeed in this big challenge you will have to:
• use your wits, skill, intelligence, physical agility to overcome a series of challenges which, when completed, entitle you to a flag and piece of flagpole.

• you will have to work as a team and show individual initiative. When you have all the flags and pieces of the flagpole you will be able to complete the final big challenge of flying the correct flag and welcoming the airborne VIPs.

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