Each challenge was introduced to each form in two stages. First they received a sealed envelope containing a message telling them where to go and who they were to meet. Once in place with the correct artist they were given a larger sealed envelope which contained the written challenge. Each challenge contained hints for succeeding and a list of equipment supplied to help them. At the end of each task, as part of the reflection process, each form suggested advice which should be given to the groups that followed them.

The Reflection
An i-Spy PLTS card was designed in order to focus student’s attention on their own learning through Mission Just Possible. Each Student was given a card and asked to fill it in after each challenge, marking their personal performance against a series of PLTS criteria.

Reflection on the Reflection
Pupils were fully engaged and generally enjoyed the challenges. The quality of the pupils' reflection varied significantly. This variation was related to their ability to reflect rather than their engagement with the process of the challenge. Some pupils clearly understood and were able to reflect on the quality of their and others work. Others, however, found it difficult to be objective. This applied especially to the younger members of the audience. As a school we now know that we need to work with the pupils to help them be better reflectors.

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