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Bordseley, the football mascot, as been elected council leader and unfortunately for him his first job on day one is to set the city's budget. In a 45 minute whirl three billion pounds crosses his desk. He sees enormous sums come and go from central government learning how little he can choose what it is spent on. He gets business rates and pay for benefits. He experiences life on the front line of delivering council services, investigates the promises, pitfalls and limitations of raising council tax and spends an uneasy night gazing into the abyss of the adult social care budget. For a while he flirts with selling off council assets and learns to his surprise it's possible to borrow money from other councils.

This fast, funny and educational show is a dramatisation of Birmingham City Council's budget setting process. It explains how our local finances work without ever resorting to a graph, diagram or even very many numbers, instead thousands of gold painted dominoes, each representing half a million pounds put the whole balancing act into perspective.

Rehearsed and performed in an empty shop unit in Great Western Arcade, Birmingham this show is designed to be performed without specialist lights or sound equipment in non-theatre spaces. It is short enough to act as the first half of any event focusing on local democracy and fun enough to entertain anyone whether or not they are interested in local politics. Future versions are expected to be customised to reflect the budgets of the local authorities in which they are performed.

All Our Money was the second of three Stan's Cafe micro-productions each made in five days and shown on consecutive Saturdays through November 2021. Each supported actors and an assistant director taking early steps in their devising practice.

Devised and Performed by
Aaron Corbett, Elexi Walker, Will Jackson, Katie Utting, Lisa McKinley

Model Maker Bethany Hardman
Logo Simon Ford
Stage Management Emily Davies
Direction Owen Harper & James Yarker

With Thanks To
Nick Booth, Mashuq Ally, Ian Ward
Lucy Bird, Roisin Caffrey, Dave Howard & Craig Stephens
Our Board & Scheming Friends
Great Western Arcade, Colemore Business Improvement District
& Timpsons across the way.

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