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The Anatomy of Melancholy has been described as "the greatest book ever written". Nearly 400 years old, it is a vast, 1500 page attempt to identify the causes, symptoms and cures for all kinds of melancholy. Written by vicar and librarian Robert Burton it contains all the wisdom of its age - arcane, outlandish and hilarious. Yet, amidst all the wild stories and suppositions, much of its advice remains as urgent and profound now as it did then.

Ten years ago a Serbian Festival Director challenged Stan's Cafe to adapt this, his favourite book, for the stage, stating that they were the only company he could imagine pulling it off. So this is our attempt to bring The Anatomy Of Melancholy, perhaps the world's most extraordinary self-help manual, to the stage.

Edited moments from the show

Photo Credit: Graeme Braidwood

Edited, devised and performed by: Gerard Bell, Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose and Craig Stephens
Design: Harry Trow
Lighting: Nigel Edwards
Costumes: Kay Wilton
Music: Graeme Rose
Direction: James Yarker

Photography: Graeme Braidwood
Graphic Design: Simon Ford
Dramaturgical Assistance: Zelda Hannay
Burton Consultant: Dr. Erin Sullivan - Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting
Tour Booking: DEP Arts
Publicity: Mobius

Commissioned by: Warwick Arts Centre

Developed in association with the RSC Studio

And with support from The Wellcome Trust

Thanks to:
Nenad Prokic for inspiring us / kicking it all off.
Alan Rivett for his early enthusiasm & Matt Burman for his subsequent enthusiasm.
Geraldine Collinge and the RSC.
Pete James and Birmingham Central Library.
Tracy Horton and the Centre for the History of Medicine.
Erin Sullivan and the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.
David Sefton and Laytons Solicitors.
Nina West, Rachel Gillard, Philip Holyman, Sadie Plant, Jack Trow and Wendy Houstoun.
For their time and brain power: Dr. Matt Read GP, Prof. Bernard, Lee Hassel, Dr. Mary Ann Lund, Prof. Mark Knights, Rev. Wendy Brown, Dr. Sarah Marks, Dr. Richard Bennett, Dr. Roberta Bivins, Dr. Claudia Stein, Dr. Erin Sullivan and David McDonald.

This show is dedicated to Rebecca Jane.

"Stan's Cafe bring a whole new approach to a 400 year old text that in it's original form is hardly a page turner, and turn it into two and a half hours of crackling wit, wise advice and glorious storytelling.."Jo Beggs - The Public Reviews

Stephen Moss's Preview in The Guardian.

"Based on 'the greatest book ever written', The Anatomy of Melancholy provides the perfect cure to the ailment: laughter." Tal Fox - WhatsOnStage

"an entertaining evening from a very talented group of performers" Selwyn Knight - The Public Reviews

Script: The Anatomy of Melancholy
(effectively a digest version of the book). £8.00 including postage

"Went to see the Anatomy of Melancholy at the Borough Theatre Abergavenny yesterday. Was drawn by the idea of such a bonkers project plus, despite having done an English degree, never having read the book and feeling I should add it to my memory store by this relatively easy route. Although I felt some trepidation in the first quarter of an hour or so that I wasn't going to enjoy it, by the end of the evening I was really pleased to have made the effort. It certainly is one of the more bizarre theatrical concepts I have witnessed, but the cast were brilliant, and I was astonished how they managed to sustain a completely plotless but very complicated script so effectively. And the mechanics of getting all the translations, captions, etc to work in parallel with the words was a masterclass in dramatic technique. Although there were lots of contemporary resonances, they were not hammered home with lots of smirking and long pauses, but the audience were left to absorb things at their own pace and according to their own prejudices and ebbs and flows of attention. I'm sorry the audience wasn't bigger, and that we didn't get a chance to applaud you for longer, but it was a memorable theatrical evening (which is a relatively rare thing I find). Thanks." PE

"Vivid, delightful and provocative" ES

"I loved how you could see absolute contemporary relevance within something that at first appears quite arcane. I thought the design was superb in supporting this in the mix between renaissance and contemporary touches." LW

"Just seen The Anatomy Of Meloncholy at the Rep. It's like tapping into a rich vein of mineral wealth. So much to take away, so much still to dig out. Have to see it again. The overall feeling I got was reassurance. Reassured that the study of melancholy is so ancient and perennial, and reassured that Stans are brave enough to tackle such an incredible project. Many thanks to you all for generating such wonderful and inspiring theatre!!!" Tony Appleby

"Saw Anatomy last night at Rep Studio. Beautiful diction, melodious singing, innovative production, superb performances, fascinating content. Loved it, despite the slightly scary show motes warning me I may float off into distraction. Congratulations all round." Mary McHenry

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