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The Informal European Theatre Meeting came to Birmingham in 2003. We were excited to be hosting this roving gathering of the contient's theatre makers. We were keen to help as much as we could to make the event a success. We thought it would be good if the meeting had a courtesy car and a brochure helpfully annotated by someone who knew the city. We were busy staging Of All The People In All The World, so we hired Craig Ashley to drive our courtesy car.

Delegates arriving at Birmingham International airport were shocked but pleased to find a courtesy car available, it's an expense that IETM cannot usually afford. They were perhaps less pleased when they found their driver, though very friendly, also had a rather complicated and combustable personal that interfered with his job. Guests were not always driven the most direct way from A to B and often saw sectors of the city that are not in the usual tourist's path.

Concept: Craig Stephens & James Yarker
Devised & Performed by: Craig Stephens
Photography: Ed Dimsdale

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