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"Immensely assured."
The Guardian

"The theatre has turned itself inside out, but it is still theatre. And beautiful theatre too."
Die Zeit

An act of Victorian illusion, a fairground ride, a peep show, a piece of live cinema... It's Your Film is a three minute long performance staged for an audience of one. It was made in a four day period in June 1998 and is perhaps Stan's Cafe's most popular show. It has now been performed around 4,500 times. It has been performed in France, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Macedonia, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Inspired by the Insomniac Productions' shows "L'Ascensore" (1992) and "Clair De Luz" (1993), It's Your Film uses the cinematic language of long shots, close ups, exteriors, interiors, cuts and dissolves to hint at a story of lost love and detection. It looks like a film and yet is perfomed live by two actors. More than its ellusive narrative, the piece is about what an audience contributes in the act of viewing. It is about watching and being watched, acts of illusion, imagination and perspective.

International touring has been made possible with financial assistance from The British Council.

Made between 1st & 4th June 1998 by
Sarah Dawson, Amanda Hadingue, Craig Stephens and James Yarker

Music: Webster West Ink
Additional perfomance: Mike Kirchner, Jake Oldershaw, Graeme Rose, Benny Semp,
Nick Walker, Andy Watson
Additional operation: Brian Duffy, Charlotte Goodwin
Joinery: Neville Stephens
Show Photography: Ed Dimsdale

Comissioned by The Bond Gallery, Birmingham.
Restaging supported by West Midlands Arts.
Private view hosted by Ikon Gallery Birmingham.

"At the heart of most of Stan's Cafe's works there is a simple idea, which is then pursued with an extreme boldness bordering on recklessness."
David Tushingham

"Stans Cafe creates all of its own productions and provides unusual independent theatre related to the world and current affairs."
Tahreen Kutub

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