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Rivers: The Thames & The Volga presented by STAN'S CAFE
Cotteridge Park, 11th September, 14:00 & 16.00 (tours run back to back at both times)

Free to attend and no need to book.

"What makes a river special is what happens on it, along it and in it"

Nothing could be simpler. We surveyed both the Thames and Volga rivers, noting down the positions of all bridges, dams, major settlements and confluences along their lengths, then commissioned textile artist Vicky Roden to turn this data ribbon maps. Using a 1:200,000 scale The Thames is 1.7m long and The Volga 17m long.

To compliment these maps we wrote two guided tours. The Thames tour starts at the source and travels to the mouth, via thousands of years of history, beautiful natural history, famous sights and fascinating facts. The Volga starts at its delta and travels upstream to its source, via wars, name changes, famines, forced labour and a Gingerbread Museum.

The two tours stand alone but work as a pair. Our aspiration is to build up a library of maps representing rivers from around the world along with their stories.

The Thames
Written and performed by Craig Stephens
Directed by James Yarker
Map by Vicky Roden

The Volga
Written by James Yarker
Performed by Elexi Walker
Map by Vicky Roden

Stage Manager - Emily Davies
Photographer - Jaskirt Boora
Executive Producer - Roisin Caffrey
Administrator - Lucy Bird

With thanks to:
The Friends of Cotteridge Park
Raddlebarn Primary School
Gilda Almeida & Alicia Adams at The John F Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.

"Craig's storytelling was impeccable" (Mark C)
"My friends ... absolutely loved it, had lots of thoughts on what rivers to do next and insisted we invite them to whatever your next show is." (Karen S)
"Wonderful afternoon @CotteridgePark watching @stanscafe tell the story of the Thames and the Volga. Inspirational peformances ful of charm and humour , brilliant, mind expanding writing and stunning needlework." (Liz C)
"Went down the Volga with @stanscafe ... a perfect way to spend a Saturday, art, a lovely audience and a wonderful performance from Elexi." (Lara R)
Travelled to London and the Volga Delta all without leaving Cotteridge Park thanks to dramatic presentation and ribbon creativity of @stanscafe" (Phil B)

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