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@ A E Harris, Birmingham
January - May 2010

The smallest, most contained edition of the Steps Series so far, a chamber piece.

A barefoot figure gains consciousness outside a nightclub, Security are expecting them. Inside the an old friend begs for money, a limping man asks for a light "I don't smoke", "not yet" comes the reply. They are smartened up by a dwarf. A band plays a lopsided tango, the singer is an old flame, the barman knows the order already, a ring is returned and wagered on the turn of a card: a skull. A giant bars the main exit, the cloakroom attendent demands a coat on exit "you won't need it".

Through a side door a vicious dog on a chain forces a choice of the doors, your footsteps evaporate at the top of a stair case that descends into smoke and infernal noise.

Final Steps was installed @ A E Harris to coincide with the British Dance Edition and remained through various events.

Devised by Simon Ford, Amanda Hadingue, Craig Stephens and James Yarker

Sound Design by Nina West

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