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13:45 16th June
13:45 and 19:00 17th June

The first year of working with a school involves trust and understanding building up on both sides. Our first year working with Saltley Academy was marked by three significant project that met with varying degrees of success.

Probability Adventure.
Probability Adventure,created in collaboration with the Maths Department, was an attempt to build a resource that could be delivered by teachers across year 8 without an artist needing to be present. It used a narrated cartoon powerpoint to set probability based challenges to the students working in teams earning keys to increase their chances of unlocking a treasure chest at the end of the adventure. This project was perhaps a little over ambitious for a first engagement with the school.

NQT Training.
In a twilight session we shared with newly qualified teachers our approach to creative learning.

St. George's Steps.
This spectacular and ambitious project was designed to provoke discussions around modern british values. The project was a great success - so much so it has its own webpage"

House Launch.
At the end of the year Saltley relaunched their house system and asked us to help them. We ran workshops with groups of student leaders in which they pulled together research on the biography of the person their house was named after:

Mo Farah, John Cadbury, Marie Curie, Alan Turing, Alhazen and William Shakespeare.
From this research a set of posters were created as the focus of their house area. A set up pull up banners were also created in the same style to create mobile identities for each house. The results were very well received and are still in use.

Probability Maths

Created by James Yarker
Cartoons by Bob Moulder

NQT Training

James Yarker

House Launch

Research and editing by student leaders
Workshops by Jack Trow
Design by Simon Ford

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