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13:45 16th June
13:45 and 19:00 17th June

Having created significant impact in the school in the previous year an attempt was made this year to pass the responsibility for commissioning projects down to middle managers. Lots of projects were proposed, these were those that came to fruition.

In this second year working with the maths department we scaled our ambitions back and delivered a mathmatics challenge for everyone in Year 7. We took lessons learnt from the first Matholympics event at Washwood Heath Academy and applied these to this second version.

Science Steps.
Inspired by the success of St. George's Steps last year the science department commissioned a miniature Steps installation for their corridor. This told the story of Mendeleev discovering the periodic table and was devised in collaboration with a group of student leaders.

The Pledge.
In July 2016, Saltley became the first Birmingham secondary school to receive Level 1 of the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award. This is supposed to take 3 years but they managed it in 9 months, faster than any other school in the country. The school wanted to celebrate this achievement and asked us to come up with a project to celebrate this event. Our answer was for everyone in the school to sign up to the pledge using coloured pens to create the image of the school crest for display in the school's reception area. The results look good and now each year the pledge with be resigned in the same way.

The Tempest.
This highly ambitious project saw every member of Year 8 partake in a production of Shakespeare's final play. This was such an undertaking that it has its own webpage.

Inspirational Steps.
Again inspired by the success of St. George's Steps teams within the school collected inspirational quotes and key learning points to be installed on the risers of a series of staircases around the school. We helped edit the text, turned it into vinyl and installed this vinyl.

Created by Kerry Murdock & James Yarker
With Marlien Van Liempt
Delivered by Kerry Murdock, Denise Stanton & James Yarker

Science Steps
Created, edited and installed by student leaders
Lead artist: Craig Stephens
Designed by: Simon Ford

The Pledge
Concept: James Yarker
Artist: Gareth Courage

Inspirational Steps
Created and edited by Staff and student leaders
Design: Simon Ford
Cutting and installation: Denise Stanton & James Yarker

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