Rich and poor slide past each other
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The Capital Title

31 January - 2 February: London International Mime Festival
Jackson's Lane

4 - 5 February Northern Stage, Newcastle

7 February Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts

9 February Cornerstone, Didcot

12 February Warwick Arts Centre

13 February Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton.

Watch, as if from the window of a bus, as the big city glides by. See lives converge and diverge as rich and poor share the same streets, each pursuing their own contrasting ambitions.

If you ever feel you have to run in order to stand still, or see others gliding through life while you struggle to survive, or experience a relationship drifting apart, or a goal retreating as fast as you advance on it - then you will recognise life in The Capital.

Performed without words to a stunning soundtrack The Capital uses moving walkways to create an extraordinary flowing feat of visual story telling. It turns themes of financial and social inequality into a beautiful, thoughtful and emotionally gripping experience.

Inspired by ideas from University of Warwick Dept. of Economics.

Devised by: Gerard Bell, Luanda Holness, Hema Mangoo, Craig Stephens, Amy Ann Haigh
With stage manager: Jude Malcomson (devising and Birmingham) Matt Blackmore (touring)
Assistant stage manager: Emily Davies
Directed by: James Yarker
Lighting design: Simon Bond
Music and Sound: Nina West
Costume: Kay Wilton
Set design: Stan's Cafe
Set construction: Milorad Zakula
Walkways supplied by: Canning Conveyors
Graphic Design: Simon Ford
Photography: Graeme Braidwood
General Manager: Laura Killeen
Executive Producer: Roisin Caffrey

There's this in "...a masterclass in composition and flow." The Stage. If you are someone who counts stars then this had four.

And this "...original and creative staging and fast-paced format...". Four again, should you give that credence.

Plus this "The images that were depicted within the piece immediately jump out with vigour and colour." A view from Behind the arras. And a full five here, if you are dazzled by such things.

Also this "The Capital makes a most perfect mirror image of its audience with no words at all." exeunt Happily they resist the star system.

Additionally this "The Capital proved to be a very unique, thought-provoking and often moving experience." from the Droitwich Standard.

What would we sell?

From Twitter:

"Immense!!! Go see it if you can." TF

"Fascinating vignettes turn economic research into beautiful art" JK

"A must-see production - technically complex & visually mesmerising with a brilliant 80's inspired electronic soundtrack AND well done to the cast for a quality driven performance." HV

"An inspiring & thought provoking performance" KT

"Are you sitting (un)comfortably? Inequality and injustice played out through innovative staging, movement and perfect ensemble timing." AF

"Classic Stan's Cafe - Loved it/ I found that the biggest impact happens after the show when you're walking through the city centre. THEN it properly hits you." TS

"Loved treating myself to see The Capital this lunchtime. Walking through the city feels like a new experience this afternoon. Awesome performances, show + that soundtrack pumping!" RB

"Congrats Stans Cafe, a brilliant opening for The Capital. Full house, completely engrossed in a well-needed reminder that theatre is far more than bland regurgitation of text. This is living art, a slick, imaginative and compelling tale of our city's stories." MW

"Fantastic show of Stan's Cafe's The Capital at The REP. Flicking rapidly between heart warming & heart breaking scenes highlighting life's peaks & troughs. Sharp performances on the treadmills (beautiful idea) & even a few hard hats (thank you!)" MH

"Always innovative, entirely engaging, thoroughly thought provoking, occasionally bewildering, immaculately enacted and designed, that's Stan's Cafe at The REP. The Capital." MM

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