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Since 1991 Stan‘s Cafe has produced over 90 highly original productions. We have toured extensively to many UK cities and visited more than 30 countries across 5 continents. We are proud that our work, created in Birmingham, is seen around the world.

From our humble HQ in an abandoned office block we do things differently:

With your help we can do More of the Different:

  • Create new theatre shows that defy our own ambitious expectations and reach audiences that truly reflect the diversity of the UK (audiences over 20,000 in 2018/19).
  • Engage, train and support local talent (over 50 artists employed in 2018/19).
  • Provide more outstanding opportunities for young people in Birmingham to engage with the arts outside as well as inside school (4,000 young people engaged in schools in the city‘s less affluent wards in 2018/19).

Our success thus far has been built on the support of friends who have advocated for us, booked our wildest shows, advised us, put us up in spare rooms and brought their friends to see our work. In return for this friendship we have tried to provide a series of exciting, life enhancing experiences.

To help us achieve the above and more we now need more friends to join our scheming.

Friendship can never be bought but sometimes friends like to give each other presents. £48 per year (or just £4 per month) would really help us on our way. Friendship is a two-way street, and we like to throw the odd party, mark birthdays - and sometimes even deliver a surprise (we promise we won't outstay our welcome though).

Let's be friends...

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